What Color Is That? How Axalta Can Identify Colors Accurately

Handheld devices measure color

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The debate about the color of a dress has been raging on social media for a number of days: blue and black, or white and gold?

Axalta's AcquirePlus EFX™ hand-held Spectrophotometer (Photo: Business Wire)

Axalta's AcquirePlus EFX™ hand-held Spectrophotometer (Photo: Business Wire)

Visually matching colors can be tricky, even under the best circumstances. Refinishers who repaint cars being repaired in body shops are under pressure to choose a paint color formula that looks closest to the color of the vehicle they are repairing. Typically, they rely on what they see, and how they see it. But thanks to the advanced digital spectrophotometers sold by the three global refinish brands of Axalta Coating Systems (NYSE: AXTA) – Cromax®, Spies Hecker® and Standox® – refinish technicians can have accurate color readings to help ensure an invisible repair.

“The recent conversation on social media about the color of a dress has underscored two very pertinent points not only for the UK market but also for the refinish industry globally,” explained Anthony Cashel, Marketing Manager for Axalta in the UK and Ireland. “First, it’s revealed just how hard visually identifying colors can be, and second, that people perceive colors very differently. Of course, refinishers don't have to worry about accidentally repairing a white car with blue paint. However, when it comes to distinguishing between extraordinarily subtle, but ultimately hugely different, hues, tones and effects, those two principles still apply. Axalta’s highly-advanced digital spectrophotometers do away with the need to match painted color chips visually; they measure the true color of the paint.”

Axalta’s cutting-edge spectrophotometers are available to body shop customers as part of the company’s extensive color tool choices. The devices are branded as ChromaVisionTM and ChromaVision Pro from Cromax, GeniusTM II and Genius iQ from Standox, and ColorDialogTM spectro and ColorDialog Delta-Scan from Spies Hecker. The devices are also sold in the US, Latin America and Asia Pacific under the names Acquire RXTM and Acquire Plus EFXTM.

The spectrophotometer is placed on the vehicle near the damaged area, where the device measures color and effect characteristics at multiple angles. If the color to be matched is different from the standard formula, the color matching software uses proprietary technology to automatically adjust the formula to provide refinishers the closest possible match. The handheld compact device’s internal light source also means color matching can take place in the body shop without the need for natural light.

“Axalta invented multi angle color measurement of vehicle coatings and, in recent years, we have had further technology breakthroughs that have taken the capability to a whole new level,” explained Dan Benton, Axalta’s Refinish Color Marketing Director in North America. “We have seen a significant increase in the use of spectrophotometers in the North American market since we introduced the latest Acquire Plus EFX™ technology. Our customers recognize how the use of spectrophotometers improves their color match performance, productivity, and ultimately their profitability.”

“These digital tools have become a valuable part of modern refinish work,” further explained Cachel. “They can speed up the repair process and thus help body shops be smart and efficient in their work. The technology behind our spectrophotometers virtually eliminates costly rework due to poor color matches. Refinishers can rest easy knowing the repainted surface will be the exact color of the vehicle. But I can’t guarantee it would work on a dress.”

For more information on Axalta’s spectrophotometers available through the company’s three global refinish brands, visit Axalta worldwide at www.axaltacoatingsystems.com.

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